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Old Celtic Songs - Pre WW2; (Most of which probably unrecorded)
Topic Started: Sep 18 2017, 10:17 AM (952 Views)

Morning all

Coming across the Barney Battles song again and not being able to find the song which referenced Sandy McMahon (The song of the Good Old Celtic FC) got me thinking about other songs.

I know there are a good few on The Celtic Wiki but thought it might be worthwhile to dig for some others which may be in various places and to use this as a place to share information before sending completed songs to the Celtic Wiki.

Hopefully we might find a few undiscovered songs.

I think it maybe best to keep them to pre WW2 if we're going to find some gems.
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The Song of the Good Old Celtic FC

Posted Image

I'll transcribe the lyrics to make it searchable on google.
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The author of that song (the lyricist) is RF Morrison and found this about him which may unearth some others.

In 1908-09 he wrote a list of old Glasgow songs of the era. That is now the property of the Old Glasgow Club. There is a goldmine of other information in there too.


And RF Morrison also seems to have written this, "Glasgows tuppeny tram".It sounds like Harry Lauder singing it.


Did Morrison write any others about Celtic?

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Barney Battles Song / Poem

"Back to the Celtic again
Let us join in the happy refrain
Out with your rattles
For Big Barney Battles
Is back with the Celtic again!"

(Maybe sung to a minor variation of I belong to Glasgow)
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As found by the Bold Antsplan - Again fits perfectly into the Wearing of the Green

The Bould Bould Celts

#Oh! Paddy, dear, an’ did you hear the news that’s goin’ round –
That the team they call the “Celtic” is the best that can be found;
For the way they play, the people say, they should get champion belts;
But I’ll give my own opinion of the bould, bould Celts.

#The first one that I noticed, as they stepped upon the field,
Och! He just lucked like a hayro who wud rather die than yield;
Whin they called him “Captin” Kelly, shure immediately I felt
Admirashun rise ‘ithin me for this bould, bould Celt.

#Then another strappin’ fellow, I heard thim shout his name-
Both friends and enemies they praise his “gentlemanly game” –
An’ to see him head the leather, shure the collared hearts they melt.
For “Gineral” McLaren is a good bould Celt.

#There’s McCallum, he’s another, tho’ his name does not denote
That he’s of the “Emerald colour” still, I’ll give my word an’ vote
Since I seen him from the “touch-line” give the foot ball such a welt.
I have come to the conclusion he’s a bould, bould Celt.

#Shure they’ve put wan in the rear rank who shud be In the {_a_ }
A sturdy little fellow, but he’s every inch a man.
My, I seen him take it aisy when an awful kick he dealt;
Och! McKeown he is knowin’, he’s a bould, bould Celt.

#An there’s handsome Tommy Maley, shure he races like a hare;
Tho’ he has to kick the ball as well, you’ll maybe think it quare.
I have seen men try to catch him but the ball they never smelt.
For he knows the way to dodge thim, does this bould, bould Celt.

#There’s wan that’s wantin’ watchin’; they call him Willy Groves;
He’s wonderful to luk at as about the field he roves
Och! He bares no comprehenshun – admirashun I have felt:
He’s a dasher, he’s a smasher, he’s a bould bould Celt.

#There’s Coleman, Willy Maley, and there’s Dunbar –all the same –
An’ Dunning in the “gap hole” always plays awinning game;
“Tho’ last not layst” I won’t forget, tho’ long enough I’ve dwelt,
Faugh-a ballagh for O’Gallacher, a bould, bould Celt#

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As Ants found it's from the ‘Referee’ on 19th November 1888.

Posted Image

Another question would be, what's "Donagheys yard"?
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Again from The Celtic Wiki. "Mick from Garngad" might be another good source.

The Reason Why I Support The Celtic Team to the tune of Skibereen

Posted Image

Better image

Posted Image


Oh father dear, I often hear you speak of (the) Celtic team,
You say they were the greatest club this world has ever seen.
For the way they play, you use’ to say, they should get Champions Belts.
Come tell to me the reason, dad, why you support the Celts..?

Well, son, I’ve followed the Celtic Club for fifty years and more.
I love to stand in Celtic park and hear the faithful roar.
For in Paradise there always flies, a flag of Emerald Green.
And that’s another reason why I love the Celtic Team.

Now I’ve no doubt you’ve heard about our famous Jimmy Quinn.
The Bigots in the days gone bye, his bones they all could skin.
Yet he was the greatest Centre this world has ever seen.
And that’s another reason why I love the Celtic Team.

Those bye gone days in my memory I always shall recall:
Yon little prince of dribblers who came from Donegal.
His name was Patsy Gallagher, and how he reigned supreme.
And that’s another reason why I love the Celtic Team.

In those bye gone days, the Green Jersey was hated by all Snobs,
And how they dreaded for to hear of Shaw, McNair and Dodds.
Who for 13 weeks without a break, had kept their goal sheet clean.
And that’s another reason why I love the Celtic Team

Oh never, boy, shall I forget, nineteen and thirty eight,
When the Exhibition Trophy, that year it was at stake.
Who beat the pride of England? — the Boys in White and Green.
And that’s another reason why I love the Celtic Team.

Oh father, dear. I will follow on wherever Celtic go.
I’ll stand or fall by their football, in spite of all the foe
I’ll be the man to lead the band, beneath the Flag of Green.
And with voices high, we’ll raise the cry:


(Tune to Skibbereen)
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The one above is actually from a postcard owned by @CollectCelticFC (can't remember his user name on here). As are these,

"When You Know When Your Team is Forgotten "

Posted Image
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"The Ibrox Tragedy"

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McGrory's Farewell

Posted Image


McGrory's Farewell. To the tune of The John Thomson Song.

From the field a face is missing
a face we'll see no more
a credit to the football game
& the colors that he wore,
he wore the famous Green & White
he brought us fame & glory
there will never be another like
the famous James McGrory.

Around the slopes of Paradise
we miss that mighty cry
as through the air McGrory leapt
to crosses hanging high
we see him yet we can't forget
as toward the goal he sped,
in league or cup McGrory was up
with that million dollar head.

You've played your last
your day is past
we lift our caps to you
the hero of a thousand games
this is our fond adieu
farewell farewell McGrory
Boy we cherish Celtic's might
& the greatest lad that ever wore
the famous Green & White.

Also attributed to Mick Garngad (to be confirmed)
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