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Living in Little Mount Brother Walfrid's final home
Topic Started: Mar 19 2017, 09:30 PM (869 Views)
Little Mount

I have been looking more into the history of my house, Little Mount, Dumfries, recently during some pretty major remedial work. I have read with interest some of the discussions regarding this final resting place of Brother Walfrid. I live in Little Mount, which is, as you will be well aware, the house in which Brother Walfrid spent his final days. Brother Walfrid's grave is just over the wall of my garden, always with a Celtic scarf wrapped around it!
Unfortunately during some maintenance work it was discovered that the house was riddled with dry rot and was actually quite unsafe, which was a worry for me and my family. The house has been stripped, including the roof, ceilings, walls and floors. Work started in January and continues as we speak...with my family still living here, not great in the middle of Winter with two children.
Of course the council has been completely unable to help with their budget cuts, but of course they have made their demands on us for using the most expensive building materials with it being a listed building.
It has been one of the most stressful times myself and my family have had but we are determined to put the problems right and restore this beautiful house to it's former glory, no matter how long it takes and it could well be a few years.
The house was originally one property but is now two houses, with our house having the more spacious accommodation where the Brothers lived and worked and our neighbour's house, which is also having to be renovated, where the serving employees and perhaps boarders stayed.
During the knocking about/down of both properties we have discovered a secret stairway which once would have joined the properties.
The house has a ground floor level, a slightly upper floor room and a basement area with several small rooms. The room where our washing machine and boiler are was apparently the alcohol store.
We have lived in the property for two and a half years and I wish I had been aware of the ceremonies which had taken place in our garden, well not quite our garden but almost!
We often have visitors roaming around our garden who have been unable to find the entrance to the graveyard from the road. Visitors from all over have turned up and we are always happy to take them through our garden to the graves.
I would be interested to hear from anyone who has visited the Brothers graves and their experiences and memories.
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Ain't i very pleased to see your post but i am also saddened to read that not a lot if anything has survived from Brother Walfrid's period of staying in the house.

Ever since i visited the grave of Brother Walfrid i have always wanted to see the inside of that house, especially the downstair rooms that appear to be like dungeons from the outside windows close to the ground.

I can remember chapping the door of the house on more than one occassion on my visits, if i had got a answer i was going to ask if there was anything downstairs that would have took us back to Walfrid's resting period at the time of his death.

I have photographed your house on numerous occassions pre before you owned it and have posted the images on this website, sadly those photographs have now gone due to the server i used, pleased to say that some of the images from the ceremonies have survived. http://celticgraves.com/topic/9669947/1/

Great to hear that you have the enthusiasm for what appears to be a major and expensive project and i wish you all the luck in the world, you might want to contact Celtic and see if they would be willing to help you financially or even through fund raising.

You could even act as a guide :wink:

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Little Mount

Much of the original features still remain in areas unaffected by the rot. The living rom has been stripped back and the kitchen but we found the original fireplace in the kitchen. The central hall has had to be stripped but when it gets built back up it will look just as it did all those years ago. Little Mount was actually designed by a famous architect in the area, Walter Newall, and has been featured by a local enthusiast as part of a research project. The bedrooms are ok and the floors all original, beautiful tiles. All the internal doors seem to date back to the time when the Brothers lived here and the cornices on the ceilings original except for those affected by the rot.
The rooms downstairs are small and narrow and have the bars at the windows which I imagine are original, one is a bathroom, one a snug and the third a laundry/ boiler room. There is a further larger basement room at the front of the house which is unfortunately affected by rot and needs stripped too but we are concentrating on upstairs first.
I have contaced Celtic FC and the public relations department are looking into it, hopefully.
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